Mikelle Ethier

I unknowingly struggled with perimenopause symptoms for over 7 years. Strange things were happening to my body, and I either ignored them or they were dismissed. Eventually these symptoms started impacting my ability to parent, work, exercise, be a partner, friend, daughter, and community member. I thought it might be all in my head. Things needed to get severe before I found a doctor who would say the words ‘you are in perimenopause’. Although grateful to have found a health care provider who understands perimenopause, I can’t help but wonder how my health would have been impacted had I known more about the symptoms of perimenopause. Rather than stew in frustration over the lack of knowledge and care for any part of the menopause experience, I am focusing my skills and new found energy on helping other women avoid what I went through. I am hoping that by sharing my story, others can find the inspiration they need to achieve their best health.