About Us

Why We’re Doing This

We’re quickly approaching 50 and we’ve been struggling for almost a decade with bizarre, unexplained symptoms that ranged from annoying to debilitating. In the beginning we didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Our hormones peaked and dropped, and peaked again, making us feel crazed, fed up, and frustrated. No one should have to endure this crazy hormonal roller coaster! And we definitely shouldn’t have to do it without knowledge, support, empathy, and solutions. It’s ridiculous that we’re simply expected to just ‘get through’ this thing called menopause.

Years of Searching

We’ve been working (really, really hard) for years to try to sort ourselves out. And we don’t want this cycle to continue for those of you headed for, or already in, ‘puberty in reverse’. We know what it’s like to feel confused, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, scared, dismissed, and alone.

So we’re sharing our stories, to help you understand why you feel unrecognizable when you look in the mirror. Why some days you want to rage and others break down and cry. Why your hair seems to be thinning on your heads and eyebrows, yet growing uncontrollably on your chins. And why your doctors seem to be absolutely no help at all.

Why Are Most Women Completely Blindsided?

Menopause is something that every person with ovaries and a uterus will achieve; that’s almost 4 billion people on the planet.

So why is it that when the transition to menopause begins most women are completely blindsided?

Is it because 30-plus different perimenopause symptoms start out so benign that we don’t notice them? And when we do, we just assume they’re part of the chaos we call life?

Is it because women feel ashamed about aging and see menopause as the ultimate symbol of being old and no longer valuable? (Total bullshit by the way!)

Is it because women have been taught to feel ashamed of our sexuality and our bodies so we don’t feel comfortable or have the language to talk about the changes that are happening to us?

Is it because we have so many damn balls in the air – partners, parents, children, households, and/or careers – that we don’t have time to stop and pay attention to our own health?

Or is it that our medical practitioners don’t have the proper training, time, resources, or research to support their patients in perimenopause and beyond?

It’s Time We Changed The Narrative

Whatever the reason, it’s time we changed the narrative.

It’s time we stopped judging and competing, and start supporting each other instead. It’s time to become really honest about the dark days when it all seems like too much; the days when we’re filled with unexplained rage and explode at the tiniest things.

We need to celebrate, and make room for, moments of joy and pleasure.

We need to start talking about our bodies and menopause and aging, and not just the bad stuff.

It’s time to celebrate the wisdom, gratitude, beauty, and intuition that comes with the crows feet and love handles.

Become The Hero of Your Own Health Story

No one is coming to explain menopause to you. There is no simple test. There is no roadmap. And no two journeys are the same. It’s up to each of us to understand our bodies and learn to advocate for the support and solutions we need.

It’s time we get loud. It’s time we get bold. It’s time we take charge and become the heroes of our own health stories.

We hope you’ll join us on this bumpy ride, filled with laughter, tears, wisdom, friendship and perhaps most importantly the facts and information you need to write the health story you deserve.

Until we have better care, research, and in-depth medical support, we have each other.
Mikelle and Michelle