Mikelle Ethier

I unknowingly struggled with perimenopause symptoms for over 7 years. Strange things were happening to my body, and I either ignored them or they were dismissed. Eventually these symptoms started impacting my ability to parent, work, exercise, be a partner, friend, daughter, and community member. I thought it might be all in my head. Things needed to get severe before I found a doctor who would say the words ‘you are in perimenopause’. Although grateful to have found a healthcare provider who understands perimenopause, I can’t help but wonder how my health would have been impacted had I known more about the symptoms of perimenopause. Rather than stew in frustration over the lack of knowledge and care for any part of the menopause experience, I am focusing my skills and newfound energy on helping other women avoid what I went through. I am hoping that by sharing my story, others can find the inspiration they need to achieve their best health.

Michelle Stainton

I am a woman in the throes of perimenopause; I have been struggling and succeeding and struggling again with these crazy symptoms for more than six years. It’s been a lot, but I have learned some stuff along the way. I am an entrepreneur; my last venture was a corporate concierge business where my team helped more than 500 clients every week. Safe to say I really like to help people. I am a wife of more than 20 years to the most incredible man, and a mother to the funniest and smartest 16 year old boy on the planet. I may be biased. I am a friend; always available for a good laugh, cry, truth session, or celebration. These are the moments that light up my soul. And I am here for you; a wise, helpful, nurturing friend to help you learn about this thing called perimenopause. To share my stories, to be honest and real about the tough stuff, to celebrate and help you see the good stuff. Together we can challenge and inspire each other to live our best perimenopausal lives.

Dr. Karen Desrosiers, MD, FRCSC, SOGC

Medical Advisor
Dr. Desrosiers is a member of SOGC, did her ObGyn speciality at Sherbrooke University, province of Quebec. She has been working through Horizon and Vitality Health Network in Moncton, NB since 2004 as well as in a gynecology private clinic. She developed an interest in menopause and is a board member of Canadian Menopause Society, a member of the North American Menopause Society and a certified menopause practitioner by NAMS. Also member of the International Menopause, SocietyInternational Pelvic Pain Society and European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health.

Amy Schlueter

A successful entrepreneur and lifelong learner, Amy Schlueter started her career in her family’s business as a 3rd generation automotive retailer after earning a master’s degree at the University of Waterloo. During her time in the automotive industry, Amy developed a range of skills in leadership, organizational culture, training, strategy, and customer experience. Amy also co-created Girl Possible, an empowerment program for 6–9-year-olds, and served on various boards, including the Royaly Warranty Board of Directors, an investment company in Barbados. Amy's relationship with healthcare has been shaped by her personal experience as a kidney transplant recipient. For over 20 years she has had to learn to advocate for herself, giving her a unique perspective on the challenges faced by patients navigating the healthcare system. Despite this experience, Amy’s menopausal journey left her feeling uneducated about what was happening to her body and isolated. Amy is passionate about building a platform and community where women can find support, learn about solutions, and never feel alone again.