Michelle Stainton

I am a woman who is in the throes of perimenopause; I have been struggling and succeeding and struggling again with these crazy symptoms for more than six years. It’s been a lot, but I have learned some stuff out along the way. I am an entrepreneur; my last venture was a corporate concierge business where my team helped more than 500 clients every week. Safe to say I really like to help people. I am a wife of more than 20 years to the most incredible man and a mother to the funniest and smartest 16 year old boy on the planet. I may be biased. I am a friend; always available for a good laugh, cry, truth session or celebration. These are the moments that light up my soul. And I am here for you; a wise, helpful, nurturing friend to help you learn about this thing called perimenopause. To share my stories, to be honest and real about the tough stuff, to celebrate and help you see the good stuff. Together we can challenge and inspire each other to live our best perimenopausal lives.