Making resolutions that stick

Desire – The Key to Making Resolutions that Stick

The clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Glass of bubbles in hand, we kiss all those near and dear and then in our tipsy high, we begin to fantasize about the brand new year ahead of us. 

Ah, all the fresh starts and self-improvement we’re going to achieve in the next 12 months. Sure we didn’t succeed last year, but this year will be different. 

So armed with determination, we declare our intentions to hit the gym at 5 AM, start that novel we’ve been meaning to write, or finally learn to speak Spanish. 

get back to the gym

Yet, as the weeks trickle by, those resolute declarations tend to disappear rather quickly. 

And here’s why:

  • Procrastination’s built in. Choosing January 1st as the launch date implies waiting for some magical switch to flip rather than kicking off changes right now. Honestly, January 1st isn’t much more than the world’s biggest recovery day for many. The spark of the New Year fades fast, and with it, our motivation. Real change starts when we act, not when the calendar decides. The best time? Now. Not on some hyped-up date.
  • Unrealistic goals. Many set grand resolutions – losing weight, running marathons, quitting smoking, going vegan, or reducing stress. Admirable? Sure. Realistic? Not so much. They’re like colossal mountains too high to scale. These hefty goals overwhelm, leading to frustration and, inevitably, failure. 
  • Just Not that SMART. People often miss the mark by not being specific enough. Their goals are often wishy-washy – ‘lose weight’ rather than ‘drop 1 pound weekly for 20 weeks.’ Or ‘eat healthier’ instead of ‘no fast food and five days a week as a vegetarian.’ Being specific helps us track progress and tweak our path. When setting goals, they need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound.

So this year, instead of setting yourself up for resolution that will inevitably fail, gear up for the year ahead by embracing your wants and desires. And turn them into a blueprint for an inspiring journey. Because desire is the key to making resolutions that stick.

Focusing on your wants and desires is easy, feels good and it works. Here’s why. 

Wants and desire are like our inner fuel, propelling us forward and inspiring action. They breathe hope, enthusiasm, and energy into our lives. And they fortify our resolve, pushing us  to keep going when the going gets tough. Because desire isn’t a stand-alone force; it needs action to make dreams a reality.



Desires feel buoyant, exciting, promising. Resolutions are heavy, restrictive and hard. Which would you rather feel each day?

And it’s been proven that where our attention flows our energy grows. Positive energy creates more positive energy.  

So write out your desires. All of them, no matter how small – a pair of you’ve been eyeing on sale half off.  Or unrealistic –  how’s about, “and end to all the wars!” Write them all out, and then want some more. 

Writing down your desires for the year, releases them to the world. It gives them a chance to breathe, and to grow with a sense of wonder and anticipation. 

Sure, more than half of our list might not come to true, but neither do 80% of the resolutions we set. I’ll take those are odds. 

Cheers to a year overflowing with desires and possibilities. Embrace the magic they bring, guiding you toward a year teeming with possibility and excitement. This year lean into your desires. They are the key to making resolutions that stick.

May the year be filled with joy, growth, and remarkable moments.