flat please hold the shame Ellyn Winters-Robinson

Flat Please Hold the Shame

Flat Please Hold the Shame

Author: Ellyn Winters-Robinson

Year Published: 2023

Page Count: 218 pages. 2-3 hour read.

flat please hold the shame Ellyn Winters-Robinson

Flat Please Hold the Shame is a beautifully vulnerable,

honest and inspiring book that everyone should read.

It’s an amazing journey through Ellyn’s breast cancer story from self-exam to double mastectomy to flat, and everything in between. Ellyn honesty about the the fear, uncertainty and chaos woman face when dealing with breast cancer is matched with a healthy dose of humor.

While being honest about the tough stuff, Ellyn weaves in laughter, hope and genuine advice that makes this book a lifesaver for anyone facing this journey. It’s like reading the journal of a girlfriend who’s been through it all. Telling you what’s what and empowering you to manage your way through this.

Flat Please is not just for those going through breast cancer, it’s also  a powerful read for families and friends trying to understand what their loved one’s going through.

Why we love this book

Within this book lies a powerful message of self-advocacy and self-care. Ellyn encourages readers to manage their health proactively, stand up for what they need and never take no for an answer.

The book also offers incredibly valuable resources to support people on their journey.

Perhaps the greatest take-away for me was Ellyn’s decision to remain flat. Aesthetic Flat Closure was new to me. I discovered it’s a somewhat controversial and often overlooked choice for reconstruction.

Ellyn’s openness about remaining flat helps to expand the narrative and give those facing breast cancer a more comprehensive view of their choices.

Passionate, courageous and optimistic, this book’s an absolute game-changer for anyone on the breast cancer journey.

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