Holiday Treats

QUIZ: Will Your Waistline Survive the Holidays?

Are you ready for all the holiday feasts and parties? Do you wonder if  your waistline will survive the holidays? Take our quiz, and find out.

Plus we offer some great tips to help you avoid holiday pitfalls while indulging in your favorite treats.

From snack choices to stress-busting tactics, find out if your approach can help you emerge victorious over the temptations of the season!

1. Which snack contains the most salt?

A) Chips  

B) Pistachios  

C) Olives  

Answer – C: Olives. Olives take the salty crown because they’re often cured in brine. But hold up! These little guys aren’t just sodium bombs—they come packed with health benefits like fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties, although they’re also a high-calorie treat.

2. Which cocktail is the worst for your waistline?

A) Red wine  

B) Christmas morning mimosas  

C) Egg nog with rum  

Answer – C: Egg nog with rum. A half-cup serving of traditional eggnog spiked with bourbon or rum packs a caloric punch with 265 calories, 17 grams of fat (half saturated), and 18 grams of added sugars—although some recipes might have even more. While red wine and mimosas contain sugars too, they tend to be comparatively lower in calorie and sugar content.

3. What’s the best way to avoid splurging at the holiday table?

A) Sampling a variety of holiday specials  

B) Choosing everyday foods over holiday treats  

C) Picking a couple of holiday favorites to enjoy guilt-free  

Answer – C: Picking a couple of holiday favorites to enjoy guilt-free. This approach lets you indulge mindfully while savoring your favorites. Sampling everything might lead to overindulgence, and opting for everyday foods might miss out on the festive vibe.

4. How can you avoid mindless eating during holiday parties?

A) Nestling close to the buffet table for quick bites  

B) Engaging in conversations away from food hotspots  

C) Sampling every snack available to not miss out  

Answer – B: Engaging in conversations away from food hotspots. Chatting away from the food zone can prevent mindless munching. Sticking close to the buffet might encourage grazing, and sampling every snack could lead to overindulgence.

5. What’s your best choice for keeping those overeating urges in check?

A) Loaded baked potato casserole  

B) Grandma’s legendary Peppermint Pie  

C) Honey ham  

Answer – A: Loaded Baked Potato Casserole. When you load up your potatoes with cheese, veggies, and beans, you’re incorporating foods rich in fiber which can keep you feeling satisfied longer and curb that urge to overeat. On the flip side, sugar found in Grandma’s Peppermint Pie can affect your appetite-regulating hormones, leading to cravings for more indulgent foods. And the salt in the honey ham amps up flavor (that’s why it tastes so damn good!), making us want to devour more and potentially overeat.

6. Which cheese should I choose to keep cholesterol in check?

A) Brie  

B) Stilton  

C) Cheddar  

Answer – A: Brie. While no cheese is an ideal choice to limit cholesterol and saturated fat, among the options given, brie stands out as the better choice. Stilton contains higher levels of saturated fat, making it less favorable. It’s advisable to enjoy a small portion of each without overindulging.

7. How can you enjoy holiday treats without guilt?

A) Completely avoiding treats to stay on track  

B) You can’t! If you’re going to indulge, you should feel guilty for every single bite

C) Taking time to truly savor those once-a-year delights  

Answer – C: Taking time to truly savor those once-a-year delights. Savoring special treats mindfully lets you enjoy without guilt. Completely avoiding them might leave you feeling deprived, and frequent indulgence could disrupt your balance.

8. What’s the best way to beat the stress this holiday?

A) High-intensity interval training (HIIT) for a stress-busting sweat  

B) Leisurely outdoor walks for a calming escape  

C) Indulging in a couch nap while streaming Christmas movies  

Answer – B: Leisurely outdoor walks for a calming escape. While all stress-busters have their perks, a leisurely stroll brings the perfect blend of physical movement and mental serenity. Plus, soaking in that fresh air? Always a mood booster amidst holiday chaos.

9. What’s the ultimate hangover breakfast?

A) Spinach omelet  

B) Green Veggie Smoothie  

C) Plain full-fat yogurt with flaxseed  

Answer – A: Spinach omelet. While all these options beat the go-to greasy McD’s breakfast, the omelet takes the crown. Packed with antioxidants aiding the detox process and loaded with vitamin B, it’s a superhero against hangovers, replenishing what we lose when we indulge.

10. How to bounce back after overindulging?

A) Skipping the next meal to compensate  

B) Dwelling on guilt and beating yourself up  

C) Get moving  

Answer – C: Don’t get stuck in the negative guilt cycle. If you mess up, move on. Start with a healthy meal and make sure you get some exercise. Opting for a nutrient-rich meal and exercise aids digestion, boosts mood, and reinstates a healthy routine. Whereas, skipping meals can disrupt metabolism and lead to further cravings. And dwelling on guilt affects mental well-being. 

Congratulations on completing the quiz!

We know the holidays can be daunting – there are temptations at every turn. But hopefully armed with these tips and tricks, you can enjoy the holiday season and manage to keep your waistline in check.