smart couples finish rich

Smart Couples Finish Rich

Smart Couples Finish Rich

Author: David Bach

Year Published: 2001

Page Count: 320 pages. 6-7 hour read time.

smart couples finish rich

What’s it about:

From first-time newlyweds to people on their second or third marriage, couples face an overwhelming task when it comes to money management.

Nationally renowned financial advisor and bestselling author David Bach knows that it doesn’t have to be this way.

In Smart Couples Finish Rich, he provides couples with easy-to-use tools that cover everything from credit card management, to investment advice, to long-term care. You and your partner will learn how to work together as a team to identify your core values and dreams, creating a financial plan that will allow you to achieve security, provide for your family’s future financial needs, and increase your income.

Together, you’ll learn why couples that plan their finances together, stay together!

The take aways:

After reading Smart Couples Finish Rich you should come away with 9 easy steps to help create a rich future for your family, including:

  1. Understanding the facts and myths about money;
  2. Determining purpose for your money;
  3. The importance of planning your finances together as a couple;
  4. Understanding that the problem is not your income, it’s what you spend;
  5. How to build your retirement nest egg;
  6. How to protect yourself from life’s unexpected twists;
  7. How to save and invest for your dreams;
  8. How to avoid the 10 big financial mistakes most couples make;
  9. How to increase your income by 10% in nine weeks!

Consider this:

Smart Couples Finish Rich is an easy ready, chalked full of incredible insights that every couple should think, and talk about. It’s really similar to Smart Women Finish Rich, so you don’t need to read both. But we do recommend reading one of them!

While some advice in this book may seem obvious—like paying yourself first and being mindful of small expenses—it also provides some incredible information on selecting optimal insurance plans (health, life, disability, etc.) – something I knew very little about.  And the chapter on how to increase your salary by 10% in 9 weeks is a really inspiring read.

Bach shares personal stories from his career as a financial advisor and from navigating financial differences within his own relationship. At the core of the book lies the belief that couples must unite as a team to pursue their financial goals.

Why you should read this book:

When the economy’s shaky (hello! right now!) money troubles can hit couples really hard and cause a lot of stress. Sadly, this financial strain can take a toll on relationships and is often the top reason that many couples call it quits.

That’s why reading this book is so important. It’s full of great advice and actionable tips. It’s helped me understand how to approach my families’ financial goals and the confidence to have thoughtful conversations with my husband.

David offers simple guidance on the importance of savings, retirement investments, and paying off your mortgage early. He also provides some easy tips on how to make this happen.

Smart Couples Finish Rich is a really solid resource. Especially for those new to the world of saving and investing.

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