The mom who got nothing done today

The Mom Who Got Nothing Done

Today was supposed to be a slow and easy work day for me. One of my ‘clean up and get ready for next week’s writing’ kind of days. 

I had five things I wanted to accomplish today:

  1. Create outlines for next week’s blogs
  2. Submit last month’s expenses
  3. Do our monthly product road map update
  4. Review/analyze our results for the month
  5. Read a few modules in my writing course

Five small and seemingly easy things to do. And yet, I got none of it done today. 

Instead I ….

  • Made the bed
  • Put away yesterday’s laundry
  • Fed the dog
  • Emptied the dishwasher
  • Answered some work emails – the low hanging fruit that I could do quickly without much brain power
  • Walked the dog
  • Did two loads of laundry
  • Drove my son to golf lessons. But not before realizing his clubs were in the trunk of the car that was in for repairs, so we had to make a detour to pick them up.
  • Followed up with my mother-in-law to see how she’s recovering from yesterday’s surgery
  • Called the pest control company because the stuff we’re using to try to get rid of a monster wasp nest in our attic isn’t working
  • Commiserated with my husband who was having a crap day at work
  • Packed for a long weekend up north
  • Put a list together for what my son needed to pack for our trip up north
  • Walked into a room and couldn’t remember what I was there to do (this actually happened a bunch)
  • Helped my son prepare lunch and managed to scarf down a few bites
  • Ran out to buy flowers for a friend who’s been feeling down
  • Ordered some new reading glasses for my husband
  • Did a grocery shop of the non-perishables we’d need for our weekend up north
  • Picked up our order at the LCBO (same-day pick up – a silver lining to COVID)
  • Filled up the car with gas
  • Organized the dog for a weekend at the kennel
  • Did another load of laundry – where does this all come from?
  • Took my son to get his hair cut
  • Called my dad because it’s been a few days
  • Booked a hotel room for my high school reunion next month  
  • Answered a few more emails
  • Ordered some new back-to-school clothes for my son
  • Found some great end-of-summer sales and ended up buying a few things for my son for next summer
  • Walked my son through his feelings of frustration with a friend who’s not being really nice
  • Booked my mammogram and colon check (I just turned 50)
  • Fed the dog
  • Prepped dinner and got it on the BBQ (dinner’s in 20 minutes when my husband gets home)

And it’s not over yet…

Before I finally get to sit down and take a breath, I still need to walk the dog again and drop my son off at a friend’s house. Oh and shower. A shower would be nice. 

And so despite having been in constant motion for the last 12 hours (almost 22,000 steps today!), juggling everyone’s wants, needs and emotions. Acting as short-order cook, laundress, personal assistant, dog walker, Uber driver and therapist.

Giving everyone, every single piece of me that I had available.

Despite all of this, when you look at those five simple things on today’s to do list, it’s easy to see that none of them are crossed off. They’re still all there, waiting for me to try and be more productive tomorrow.

Because today, I got nothing done. 

So to all of the other moms who also got nothing done today… You’re amazing! I applaud you!