10 best menopause podcasts

10 Best Menopause Podcasts in 2024

In this blog I’m going to break down what, in my humble opinion, are the 10 Best Menopause Podcasts in 2024.

I am obsessed with podcasts! I love them! Really, I just can’t get enough. I consume them in a frenzy on my dog walks, as I run errands, when I’m cleaning the house, while I’m in the bath. Sometimes I even make an excuse to drive out of town, just so I can set aside a few hours alone with my podcasts.

What I love about podcasts is that I can consume a huge amount of information and multi-task at the same time. It’s a great way for me to get smarter and expand my mind. I love the intimate conversations and life advice. Plus, listening to candid conversations with people who’ve lived incredible lives, done incredible things and are living their lives to the fullest… That’s just  really inspiring.

Right now, my current obsession are podcasts about menopause, mindset, and women’s health. And I’ve also started consuming AI podcasts because I’m fascinated and freaked out about how AI is changing our lives.

So, today I’m going to share with you what I consider to be the 10 Best Menopause Podcasts in 2023.

1. This Is Perimenopause – the podcast

This is Perimenopause

In our humble opinion, This Is Perimenopause hosted by us, Mikelle and Michelle, really is the best menopause podcast out there right now. We bring a fun, honest, and super relatable perspective to the perimenopause journey. We chat about everything from symptoms to the broader life challenges that come our way, providing expert advice, practical tips, and plenty of laughs along the way.

Every episode we have these incredible expert guests who share their incredible knowledge, expertise and advice in conversations that feel just like talking with your closest friends. Our talks are honest, relatable, and always infused with humor, making even the tough stuff easier to digest.

Come join us on this journey! We promise to make you feel seen, supported, and part of our awesome community.

2. With All Due Respect! by Amanda Thebe

With All Due Respect by Amanda Thebe

With All Due Respect! by Amanda Thebe covers a wide range of topics, including menopause, health and fitness, mental health, and debunking wellness myths.Hosted by Amanda Thebe, a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and author of the best-selling book Menopocalypse, this podcast is an unfiltered look at the issues we face as we navigate menopause and beyond.

I love this podcast because Amanda’s authenticity shines through in every episode. Her book, Menopocalypse, helped me understand menopause in a way that was both informative and fun. And her podcast is no different. Amanda’s ability to discuss serious topics with humor and honesty is what makes this podcast stand out. And she doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations, in true Amanda style.

Women navigating midlife will find With All Due Respect! to be a breath of fresh air. Amanda Thebe’s raw, relatable and fearless approach to discussing midlife issues brings a unique blend of humor and insight. It’s not only entertaining but also incredibly informative.

3. Aging Powerfully with Melissa Grelo

Aging Powerfully with Melissa Grelo

Aging Powerfully with Melissa Grelo is a powerhouse podcast dedicated to helping women embrace aging with confidence and strength. Hosted by the award-winning Melissa Grelo, the podcast dives into crucial topics like menopause, nutrition, mental health, and more.

I love this podcast because Melissa is smart, fierce, and incredibly engaging. The experts she interviews are incredibly knowledgeable, and I always come away with actionable advice and new perspectives. Melissa’s commitment to empowering women through education and meaningful conversations shines in every episode.

The ultimate podcast for women who to live  and age the best way possible. Tune in to learn, grow, and age powerfully.

4. High Performance Health

Listen on apple podcasts to one of the best podcasts for women going through menopause.

Although not explicitly a menopause podcast, The High-Performance Health Podcast focuses on helping women to optimize their body, mind and lifestyle. Host, Angela Foster, is herself a middle aged woman. Sso I find that her topics and perspective are always relatable and I can easily incorporate the advice to improve my menopausal life.

In her super smart way, Angela covers a huge array of topics from metabolic flexibility to mindset, skincare, breathwork and burnout.

I really love the way she approaches her interviews. Conversations with guests always feel so natural and familiar. And I always walk away with really actionable advice that works in my life.

5. Hello Menopause!

Hello Menopause with Stacy London

Hello Menopause! is a must-listen for anyone wanting to figure out what menopause is all about. Hosted by the fabulous Stacy London (Yes! From What Not to Wear), this podcast explores all the menopause stuff –  the physical, cognitive, and mental health symptoms, All with a touch of humor and honesty.

And the magic of this podcast is that each episode features real menopause stories from real people. Whether they’re talking about working women struggling through menopause, or talking with celebrity guests and authors about their menopause books, each episode will educate, entertain and leave you feeling inspired.

I love this podcast because Stacy London is incredibly engaging and honest. Her personal experience with menopause adds depth to each conversation and makes them very relatable.  I learn something new in every episode.

6. Hello, Hot Flash

one of the best podcasts for black women entrepreneurs looking to understand menopause

Hello, Hot Flash is all about helping mid-life women change the way they think about themselves, talk to themselves, and honor themselves. In this podcast, Stephanie Shaw explores topics ranging from mental health, to self care, women’s issues, self love, setting boundaries and even social justice for women.

Why I listen to this podcast is Stephanie’s smart, honest approach to women’s health. Also, she interviews incredible guests with expert advice that always inspires me to live my best menopausal life.

Stephanie also brings a black women’s perspective to the topic of menopause. This is exciting and important because black women tend to experience menopause at an earlier age and with intense symptoms like hot flashes, sleep disturbances.

7. Hit Play Not Pause

Play Not Pause Feisty

Hit Play Not Pause is the go-to podcast for performance-minded women who refuse to let menopause slow them down. Hosted by Selene Yeager, this Feisty Menopause podcast is dedicated to active women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond. Each episode focusing on how to optimize your physiology, maintain fitness, and harness your power. This podcast zeroes in on the needs of physically active women who are navigating perimenopause and menopause

I love it because Selene’s no B-S approach ensures that every episode is packed with actionable advice and inspiration for living your feistiest life. The discussions are empowering and practical, offering insights on how to keep running marathons, completing triathlons, and pushing physical limits while managing menopause symptoms. This podcast is for women who are not ready to slow down but are just getting started.

8. Better!

One of the best podcasts on apple podcasts for women looking to explore questions about menopause and women's health.

This is a podcast I turn to when I want to do a really deep dive. And when I have lots of brain power and focus available. Because Dr Stephanie Estima loves to get really, really technical. She aims to get to the root of the science.

Better! is a “show is for high performing women who want to have BETTER bodies, BETTER minds, BETTER relationships, BETTER sex, and BETTER families.”  In her interviews with world-class scientists, medical doctors, coaches and experts, Dr Stephanie takes complex science about women’s health and simplifies it so it’s easy to understand. Plus she helps us find easy to integrate solutions into our daily life.

So if you want really love going deep and technical and want to understand the science behind your symptoms and solutions, tune into Dr Stephanie and her geeky magic.

9. The Simplicity Sessions

The Simplicity Sessions with Jenn Pike

This was the first menopause podcast I ever listened to. It was recommended to me by a friend and in just one episode, I was hooked on The Simplicity Sessions.

Can self care really be the way forward through menopause? With new episodes weekly, Jenn Pike takes an holistic approach to supporting women in perimenopause and beyond.

With her simple advice, hacks and delicious recipes, she’s helps me understand how to optimize my hormones. And I now have so many easy-to-implement tools in my toolbox, that I really feel like I’m living with more simplicity and ease.

10. The Happy Menopause

One of the best podcasts for women looking to figure out this thing called menopause.

The Happy Menopause podcast, award-winning nutritionist and author Jackie Lynch explores how diet and lifestyle can help us take control of our menopause symptoms. She covers everything menopause, from managing anxiety, hot flashes and weight gain, to finding your passion, challenging stereotypes and preparing for your doctor’s appointments.

What I love about this podcast is that Jackie manages to do a deep dive into hot topics on women’s health in nice short episodes. They’re only 20-40 minutes long. Which is the perfect length to consume on my morning walk.

One of the best podcasts for women who are looking for smart, practical advice to use in their everyday life.


So there you have my “Top 10 Best Menopause Podcasts in 2024” playlist. I promise these podcasts won’t disappoint. Happy listening.